DigitizationDigitization and Conversions into CAD drawings is most sought after requirement of most of the companies to take advantage of savings in space and quick retrieval and quick editing capabilities.

At SCM we do precision redrafting of Engineering Drawings in any format such as dwg, pdf, gif, jpeg, bmp or any scanned copies.

We strictly follow the conventions and standards of the customers so that customer exactly gets what he wants in the form of a digitized copy.


  • SCM is supporting CADVision for its CEAD Technology Development work
  • SCM is determined to use CEAD Technology in their every client projects to reduce the cost of ownership of project by 40%
  • SCM is committed to deliver innovative workshops in Innovative CEAD Engineering Design Technology
  • SCM provides seamless Engineering Services Integration to global organizations
  • SCM is developing a collaborative distributive Engineering Project Management tool
  • SCM set new ownership of PLM management for large enterprises
  • SCM's Mission Product Development: With a focused approach and efforts, product development can well be India‚Äôs forte in the future
  • SCM's partner to set new total cost of ownership benchmark for Cloud Powered Engineering Project Management Solution to penetrate USA Markets
  • SCM expands global channels, now in over 10 countries